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Quality Engineering

SGC understands you are interested in machine vision because:

  1. Your company is an INDUSTRY LEADER
  3. A well designed machine vision system will SAVE YOU MONEY

Leaders of any industry are characterized by dedication to automation and quality engineering to deliver the best possible products to their customers.

Sawgrass Consulting designs robust, high quality machine vision systems to exceed your expectations of quality engineering design.

Evaluation Evaluations are always free. Send SGC sample parts and details of your application today to get started.

Sawgrass Consulting offers a full product line of machine vision systems, from $1,500 vision sensors, to sophisticated $20,000+ PC-based vision systems. Not to worry, SGC will always select the appropriate, i.e., lowest priced, platform to meet your project requirements.
Turn Key — Complete Design Sawgrass Consulting can handle complete turn-key design of your vision system:
  • part handling
  • inspection strategy
  • lighting & optics
  • user interface
  • camera, lights, sensor mounts
  • factory networks
  • discrete I/O
Troubleshooting Only a well-running vision system will save you money. If you spend too much time tweaking parameters or lighting, you might feel that your existing vision system is costing you more time and money than it is worth.

Also, as often happens, the parts under inspection may have changed over time, requiring a different inspection strategy, or new lighting and optics.

Do not turn off or bypass your existing vision system; instead, let Sawgrass Consulting troubleshoot your vision system and determine how to get it running properly again.
Training Training is key to any technology. Sawgrass Consulting can handle your training needs, whether you need to train operators how to use a vision system on a day-to-day basis, or you are an engineer that needs help programming a vision development environment.